Selection & Assessment

As an employee with Hudson Belgium S.A. and as an independent HR consultant, I have been handling a great number of assignments in the fields of Selection and Assessment.

Assessment is the modern name of the “psychological test” that has been enlarged with a number of practical simulations also called “role play” or “practical assignments”.

The most important difference between an assessment and a traditional psychological test is the addition of those practical simulations.

For individuals:

  • Prepare and lead the exercises for a selection interview

As for companies, I specialise primarily in the following fields :

  • Collaborate as a free lance consultant to assessment assignments within the context of existing selection and recruiting bureaus
  • Execute selection assignments for companies according to the method of behavioural interview
  • Help to select confidential counsellors for your company according to the legislation upon bullying, violence and sexual harassment at work

For more information upon the Selection & Assessment offer, please feel free to Contact me.