Veerle Devriendt

Veerle Devriendt

I graduated with a Masters in Psychology from the Vrije Universiteit in Brussels.

Since then I have gathered a lot of experience in the field of job assistance.  As a psychological assistant at the Vorming en Cultuur association, I was in charge of helping underprivileged people and the long-term unemployed.

Thereafter I worked for a while with the Brussels Jobwerkbank, where I was able to have a better focus of these problems and help people to master all the tricks of job interviews.

Between 1994 and 1999, I worked with the Belgian Railways Company, where I learned a lot about psychological evaluations, coaching of workers, trauma accompaniment, agressivity and stress management.

After all these enriching experiences, I decided in 1998 to work as a self-employed consultant in an accessory occupation.  For my activities as such, please go to References.

Later, I worked as an employed consultant with Hudson in the filed of HRM : training, coaching, selection & assessment.

As a prevention advisor for psychosocial aspects with Arista and Idewe, I worked for many organisations in the field of welfare.

Until recently, I have been working at the Council of the European Union in Brussels, where as a psychologist, I have been coaching employees having the most diverse problems, and developing projects about harassment, alcohol addiction and conflict mediation.

For more details about my activities, please go to my Curriculum Vitae.

How can I assist you as an individual and/or your organisation ?

First and above all, I can draw on my rich experience as a psychologist. During my career I have been treating the most varied assignments concerning Training, Coaching, Conflict mediation, Selection & Assessment and Pyschosocial load at work.

Thanks to this, I am multi-experienced and able to provide made-to-measure solutions. I work in an interactive manner with respect for the client’s demand and rhythm.

Furthermore, I stand for a no-nonsense approach. My positive attitude and my great sense of empathy and understanding give me the skills necessary to help each client to progress a step further at each session.   Values like respect of every person’s singularity, discretion and authenticity are at the heart of my work.

I wish to encourage organisations to be aware at a very early stage of the welfare of their employees and encourage individuals to take care of their own welfare.  My preoccupation in this emanates from a genuine interest in people and organisations.

My approach goes as follows : preparation – execution – evaluation and follow up.

I am also very flexible as regards working  hours and location are concerned.  My practice is in the heart of Brussels but an assignment on location is definitely not a problem.